Cotocouche hypoallergenic - Anti-irritation

Discover the opinions of mothers on Cotocouche anallergic – Anti-irritations.The Cotocouche is a soft cotton strip that can be used in addition to your child’s disposable or washable diapers. It is an ideal solution to soothe your baby’s irritations.Available in two sizes with 1st age and 2nd age.


My baby does not have irritation or erythema, so this is not why I use these diapers. But it is to increase the absorption capacity of the ecological disposable diapers that I use, for the night. Indeed, baby urinates a lot at night, and is regularly awakened by saturated diapers. Not having found a special ecological “night” layer, I therefore tried the additional inserts using these cotolayers. These co-layers allow me to achieve an absorption that is suitable for the night, thus preventing baby from waking up early. They are strong enough for their intended use, although they do have a little fluff. Given the use I have of it (one cotolayer per night), a package therefore lasts me a month, which makes its price quite interesting regardless of the supplier (cotton diapers bought in pharmacies for 1 euro more than what I have seen on the internet, but for 1 month, it does not does not matter). In terms of comfort, baby does not seem embarrassed by this extra thickness in his diaper. Conclusion: even more comfortable nights for my little one !!

they had advised me when my loulou had a yeast infection. it stuck to his buttocks suddenly had to rub more to take off the cotton, in short for him it was not a success!

I started using this product after my son had a yeast infection. I find this product very practical and it is a good diaper supplement. It allows baby not to be in direct contact with the diaper. Good absorption. Be careful, however, if you use an ointment for baby’s buttocks, the plush cotolayer. These soft toys attach to baby’s buttocks. But with a square of cotton soaked in water, no problem to make them disappear. I recommend this product.

So my daughter is in the middle of teething, her seat very irritated with bleeding, no cream allows healing. I was advised to use cotton diapers and it’s magic in 2 days her buttocks finally heal. I highly recommend now that I know I would not wait so long before putting it on during the next irritations.

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