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This is Vladimir Putin, he is the current Russian President. Forbes can’t even come close to estimating his net worth because they cant verify he’s financial assets. Hedge fund manager Bill Browder, a noted critic of Putin, claimed it was more like $200 billion. A fortune that enormous would propel him straight past Amazon founder and richest man in the world Jeff Bezos, who Forbes estimates has $150.2 billion to his name.

Now you might be asking yourself why can’t Forbes pin down his net worth since presidents Vladimir Putin are required to disclose their assets to the public. The logical reason is that Mr. Putin might be controlling his assets directly through proxies whom are very close to him.

Although nobody seems to be able to actually offer hard evidence that Vladimir Putin has any money stashed away anywhere not publicly known, which when talking sums of allegedly $200 billion. From this lack of a paper trail directly linking money or assets to Mr. Putin, yet his clearly lavish lifestyle indicating he does indeed have access to an awful lot of money, this has led many to conclude that Vladimir Putin himself doesn’t actually officially own most or all of the wealth attributed to him, but rather he is leveraging his position and connections to enrich those close to him who, in their gratitude, are then more than happy to provide Putin with any money or items he wants, from access to mansion to yachts to sweatpants that keep his Judo-jubblies ultra comfortable when working out.

Here are more points that indicate the Putin might unofficially be the richest person in the world:

  • This epic mansion reportedly cost $1 billion to build. It has a private theater and landing pad with room for three helicopters.
  • He reportedly has access to 20 different palaces and villas.
  • Over the years, Putin has been linked to other properties. The most controversial of which is the so-called “secret palace.” This was reportedly built for Putin using illegal state funds.
  • Opposition leader and Putin critic Boris Nemtsov produced a dossier claiming that Putin owned multiple private jets, helicopters, and yachts.
  • One of his planes was said to have an $11 million cabin fitted out by jewelers and that toilet which cost close to $100,000. This plane has room for up to 186 passengers. Putin is accused of owning five of these. The picture below is not his plane, it’s an example of what it looks like.
  • The dossier claimed Putin has a collection of four yachts, each costing thousands of dollars to maintain. Rossiya, one of his yachts, was upgraded in 2005. It reportedly cost $1.2 billion to do. “The Graceful,” another of his yachts, (shown below) reportedly sleeps 14 people and has six bedrooms.
  • The president was also accused of owning 58 different types of aircraft, including a Dassault Falcon, which seats 19. Again the one below is not his, it’s just what it happens to look like.
  • In 2007, ex-Kremlin official Stanislav Belkovsky claimed that Putin had a $40 billion fortune hidden away in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. At the time, that would have made him the fourth wealthiest person in the world, between business magnate Carlos Slim and late IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad.
  • A $1 million Patek Phillippe going up for auction in July 2017 was also said to be owned by Putin. Accompanying documentation claimed he was the owner. The Kremlin denied these claims.
  • Putin also likes to take pride in his appearance. The 2012 dossier claimed it Putin has 11 watches worth an estimated $687,000.
  • Well all these clues are just the tip of the iceberg, Mr. Putin is rumored to have alot of investments and assets all around the world as well as more toys and castles than we can count.

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