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Even though in terms of appearance it looks the same as on a cellphone, it turns out that there are several advantages of using WhatsApp web or often called the WA web which are not widely known by users.

WhatsApp is a messaging application that is easy and comfortable to use. Everyone can use this application on their smartphone. In addition, users can also use WhatsApp via a PC or laptop with WhatsApp web.

web is a way to access WhatsApp without going through an application, WhatsApp web is actually a feature to synchronize the WhatsApp account on a smartphone to a computer or laptop.

So in essence, the WhatsApp content on a smartphone and a computer or laptop is the same. However, it turns out that there are several advantages of using WhatsApp Web that are not yet known by some users.

The WhatsApp developer itself provides WhatsApp web, of course not without reason.

What are the advantages of using WhatsApp Web?

Because many users use WhatsApp with smartphones, not many of them know some of the advantages of WhatsApp web. Here are the advantages!

1. You can save your time

Currently WhatsApp messaging is widely used in business, such as answering client questions, consumer complaints, explaining a product or for promotion. For information, WhatsApp Business can also be run on a PC or laptop. By using WhatsApp web, this kind of work will save you more time. You can prepare a draft on your computer or laptop to answer all problems without having to repeatedly type. As for promotion, you can take selected pictures that have been stored on the computer beforehand.

2. More efficient

For people who have jobs that are mostly done at the computer, such as typing, creating documents and so on, WhatsApp Web can make time more efficient. Typing on a computer keyboard is noticeably faster than on a smartphone. In addition, the draft typed that has been made easier to find it through the saved folder.

3. Sending files is easier

The advantage of using WhatsApp Web compared to a smartphone is that it is easier and faster to send files such as photos, videos or other documents. Important files are usually archived on the computer so that you can immediately search for them without having to transfer files to your smartphone first.

4. Fast message finder feature

By using Wb, users can search for messages quickly and easily. Just type the word in the message search box in the upper right corner, then the message you are looking for will appear immediately.

5. You can view messages without your smartphone

Even though the user does not bring a smartphone, he can still view messages via the WhatsApp , as long as they have logged in beforehand. For information, the browser can save WhatsApp logins on a computer or laptop and can log out at any time.

6. Internet quota savings

The advantage of using Wp web is faster access. WhatsApp Business is a program that opens directly through the browser, so it can be opened faster, therefore saving quota.

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