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The requirements for future-oriented and technically perfect modernization of existing buildings are increasing. Windows and doors should not be forgotten, says Fenster Knaut.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, more than half of the around 19 million residential buildings in Germany are more than 40 years old. Of course, this means that these buildings in particular are gradually in need of renovation. This applies even more to the new regulations on climate protection. Residential buildings have a high proportion of CO2 emissions. This area therefore plays an important role in climate protection: By 2030, CO2 emissions in residential buildings are to be reduced by 40 percent compared to 2014, in order to ideally achieve a climate-neutral building stock by 2050.

Therefore, the requirements for future-oriented and technically perfect modernization of existing buildings are increasing. Owners want to bring their properties, be it for their own use or for rent, to an architecturally, technically and energetically new state in order to create real value and prepare for the future. To this end, the roof, floors, walls and facade will be modernized and insulated to a high quality, perhaps new heating systems installed and electrical lines and network cables replaced.

“But energy-efficient modernization in particular presupposes that owners also deal with windows and doors. This makes sense, especially with windows and doors, because the technology has developed rapidly in recent years. To forego this means to come to the wrong end save, and even reduce the positive effect of other elements, “says Stephan Knaut.

The master carpenter and his wife Meike have been running the Fenster Knaut company in Geilenkirchen for 15 years now and is a sought-after partner for architects, builders, construction companies and more for all questions relating to high-quality windows throughout the region and doors. Fenster Knaut works together with the Austrian premium manufacturer Internorm and sells the products recognized throughout Europe as “[1st] window partner Gold Level” exclusively in the region. The family business also cooperates with the manufacturers Roma, Topic and Kneer Süd

The background: if windows and doors are not up to date, a lot of energy can escape through the elements. This reduces the quality of life and the costs rise – and even the positive ecological effect of innovative heating systems is limited. Because the sustainably produced heat simply does not stay in the house. “New windows offer a head start in terms of energy efficiency: Windows with triple-pane thermal insulation glass and an average Uw value of well below 1 (depending on the system) are now standard. This describes the heat transfer coefficient and defines how much heat comes out through the window. The lower this value , the less heat can escape, “explains Stephan Knaut. The modernization of the windows is an important step towards more energy efficiency and living comfort. The advantage:

The state supports energy-efficient renovations through various programs. Those who renew their windows can reduce their tax liability – spread over three years – by 20 percent of the costs. Alternatively, grants and very low-interest loans from BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control) are available. Fenster Knaut advises on the search for the right programs.

Stephan Knaut points out another advantage: “Windows and front door have become a decisive criterion for the aesthetics of a property and have become a design object. These design elements can significantly determine the design of a property, from inside and outside. The facade is quickly noticed on the windows and the front door, which are given their very own character. The elements can gently underline an architectural concept or lead to a deliberate and interesting break in the design. Just as the client would like. ” The modernization thus brings technical and aesthetic added value.

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